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Window Treatments

Window Treatments

Skelton’s Carpet One Floor & Home is not just your local flooring retailer, but also your local design center! With a wide range of home products available, we’re here to help make your  home feel cozy and inviting while also making your overall design stand out. As part of our collection of products, we are proud to carry window treatments. Our window treatments are available in many styles, from modern to traditional and even cozy-chic. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you’re looking to learn more, we can help! We have experts that can walk you through the process of finding the perfect window treatment for your home.


Benefits of Window Treatments

Many homeowners don’t realize how much window treatments could benefit them, but we’re here to show you why they’re incredibly important! Some of the primary benefits include increased energy efficiency, light and privacy control, protection for your home items, as well as added style to your home.


Energy efficiency is one advantage of window treatments that many people don’t think about. When you lower your window treatments, less light comes in your home. With less light comes less heat, keeping your home cool in the hot summer months. In the winter, you can also use your window treatments to make your home more efficient. You can allow more light in during the cold days, causing your home to warm up, which will mean that you won’t have to use your heat as often. You can actually save money on energy when you invest in window treatments. 


Light and privacy control are two benefits that people love with window treatments. You can decide when you want more or less light or privacy, depending on the time of day. Let’s say you work evenings or nights – it is crucial that you are able to sleep at times of the day that are normally very bright. With window treatments, you can allow yourself the opportunity to sleep better and perform better based on that sleep. Window treatments also give increased privacy. If you live close to neighbors, you may want to have a more private day or night, which can all be made possible with the addition of window treatments. 


Not only do window treatments give you the ability to control your home when it comes to light and privacy, but they also protect your items from the sun. Furniture and flooring can both be negatively affected by the sun, so keeping these areas away from the harmful rays can be extremely beneficial.


Types of Window Treatments

We carry hard and soft window treatments to suit your home needs. From wood blinds to cellular, roman, and honeycomb shades, there is a window treatment that is made for you in our showroom.



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Hunter Douglas

We are a certified Hunter Douglas dealer. With

our fine selection of Hunter Douglas treatments, you

can have style and functionality in your home.





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