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Expert Demolition Services

At Skelton’s Carpet One Floor & Home, we don’t just sell and install flooring. We offer other home services as well, such as expert demolition. While you may think demolition is a simple process, sometimes it is, but it can become complex very quickly. There is no telling what can happen once you get into the project of demoing floors. Leave it to us to demo your flooring for you.


When it comes to floors, sometimes you cannot guess what’s underneath. With the tools necessary to complete demo without damaging areas that should not be demoed, we can ensure your demo project is done correctly. We have both walk-behind floor scrapers and ride-on floor scrapers to make your demolition much easier.


Some of our demolition projects include removing flooring before we install new floors, as well as flooring removal on its own. We can remove heavy duty flooring as well as carpet, tile, and vinyl composition tile. Sometimes it is necessary for us to use our floor scrapers if glue-down floors were used previously. In order to provide you with a completed demo, sticky floors can also be scraped to remove the old residue. If your issues are deeper than your flooring and reach your subfloor to the point that they are irreparable, we can remove and replace them. We will dispose of the old subfloor and install a new subfloor that is level and clean.


If you are in need of expert demolition services, stop by our showroom and see us or give us a call! We would love to help you with your demo project.



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