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Commercial-Flooring Room Scenes

Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring 

At Skelton’s Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re your local experts in flooring and flooring installation. Since 1937, we’ve been providing superior quality flooring options while ensuring every part of our customer’s experience is memorable. There is no difference when it comes to commercial flooring – we strive to provide exceptional customer service, all while coordinating with the people necessary to make your flooring project run smoothly.


Commercial Work vs Residential Flooring

There is quite a difference between commercial and residential flooring. While residential flooring is durable and attractive, commercial flooring has to be able to stand up to heavy wear and tear. With customers coming in and out, as well as all the possible spills and stains, commercial flooring has to feature even better stain and wear-resistance and strength.


We install flooring in commercial spaces such as waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, banks, retail shops, and even restaurants.


Work with General Contractors

If you’re a general contractor, we’re happy to work with you! We can provide the flooring for your project, no matter what it is! We use the RFMS measuring system to ensure proper attention to detail.


RFMS Measuring System


We use the RFMS measuring system so that we get it right every time. With this system, our measurements will be accurate so that we can properly estimate the project.


Property Management

Along with providing and installing flooring for commercial spaces, we also offer property management services. If you have an apartment building or a rental home, we can help you remove and install new flooring quickly. We know that quick turnarounds mean that new tenants can move in sooner, keeping money in your pocket.



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Commercial Carpet

Today’s commercial carpet has built-in stain-resistance

to make cleaning up easy. With soft, comforting flooring,

your space will reflect warmth.




Commercial Carpet Tile

Are you looking for easy to replace carpet?

Commercial carpet tiles are easy to replace and maintain

and come in a number of colors and patterns. 




Commercial Shaw Core Elements Carpet Tile
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Commercial Vinyl

As part of our extensive collection, we carry

commercial vinyl. Vinyl is ideal for almost any

commercial space, as it is a hard-surface option

that’s easy to maintain.





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