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Carpet Store in Lewiston, ID

If you’re considering upgrading or enhancing the look and function of your home with carpet, you should know that Skelton’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Lewiston, Idaho, has an extensive selection of carpets to fit your needs. From patterned to basic, waterproof, and more, our collection ranges in style and function to work with your home. Our local experts are here to guide you through your carpet purchase from start to finish. Whether you have an idea of what you want, or you haven’t started looking, we are here to help.


What are the Different Types of Carpet?

There are five main types of carpet; they are level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush. Remember to balance your activity levels with your style to get the most out of your carpet investment. It’s crucial to note that your carpet choice should be based on not only style but practicality as well. If you are part of an active family with chaotic mornings, and accidents that occur often, you should consider a stain-resistant or waterproof carpet. If you have pets, think about a pet-proof carpet option. Determine your type of lifestyle and the possibilities of what could happen before selecting a specific carpet based on its looks alone.


Types of Carpet Fibers





Carpet Remnants

At Skelton’s Carpet One Floor & Home, we have a wide selection of carpet remnants. These are leftover pieces of carpet from our industrial rolls, or previous installation projects, that are too small for a full-scale installation, so we discount them. Carpet remnants are not used carpets, but rather brand-new pieces that were never installed. Carpet remnants are useful for a variety of purposes, and they come at a great price. Our carpet remnant selection is updated monthly, so you’ll see new styles regularly appearing. Carpet remnants are perfect for smaller projects or projects that you want to complete quickly. Our remnants are in-stock now and don’t need to be special ordered. We have a beautiful array of cheap carpet remnants that are ideal for closets, hallways, small bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms, and stairs. You can also use them for flooring in camp trailers and RVs. Additionally, remnants can be measured and cut into a custom area rug, runner, or accent rug.


Where Can Carpet Be Installed?

To add luxury, softness, and create a cozy place to land, carpet should be installed in bedrooms, living rooms, and dens. There is no better way to achieve a comfortable space than by installing a carpet where it can be enjoyed at the end of a long day. Stain-resistant carpet can be installed in other areas of your home like children’s playrooms, basements, stairs, commercial settings and hallways. Pet-proof and waterproof carpets can be installed in all of these areas and will perform even better when they experience foot traffic, spills, and the possibility of stains.


Our Carpet Selection

Whatever you prefer, our carpet selection is sure to have something you adore for your home. As part of the Carpet One cooperative, we have brands that are known and loved by many as well as some exclusive brands. Our exclusive brands include Relax it’s…Lees®, Tigressá® and Karastan®. If you want to see what’s available, stop by our showroom to get a better idea of what your next carpet project would be like or start browsing our carpet selection online now. We would love to help!




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How to Maintain Carpet


You may be surprised at how far carpet maintenance

has come since it was first introduced. Find out what

the recommended maintenance is at the link below.




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